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Download PDF version (formatted to print on letter size paper)

click here for tips on introducing the Gentle Leader

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1.     Begin by letting your dog explore the gentle leader.  You can leave it about the house, and even place a treat inside so that it can be found whenever your dog happens to approach the halter.  Watch that your dog is not chewing on it.  If this is the case just make it available during supervised periods.
2.    Place it by her food dish while she is eating.

3.   C/T when you walk up to her with it in your hand.

4.   C/T If she will touch it with her nose.

5.   From here on ask her to sit, praise her, then do the following:  C/T if she will stick her nose through the loop.

6.   C/T for hanging the loop on her nose.

7.   Require that she allow loop to hang on her nose longer to earn a C/T.

8.   C/T for touching the strap with one hand while it’s on her nose.

9.   C/T for touching both straps, one with each hand, while it’s on her nose.

10.   C/T for raising the strap partially while it’s hanging on her nose.

11.   C/T for holding the neck straps together while it’s on her nose.

12.   C/T for placing halter on & clipping neck strap, C/T again for taking it off.

13.     Approach her often, and put the halter on  (C/T) then take it off (C/T).

14.   Do fun things in the gentle leader (i.e. play, treats for commands, go on a walk or car ride etc.).
15.   It is critical that your dog be relaxed and comfortable through out  training.  Only progress to the next level if this is the case, and be prepared to return to a previous step if needed.  She will be running to you when she sees the gentle leader, and enthusiastically pushing their snout into the loop after one week of the above training.  If your dog needs more time, allow it. 

16.   Continue to periodically do the more remedial exercises as you advance through the list.   If your dog is rubbing, pawing or avoiding the leader you have progressed too rapidly.  If you are having trouble please call and we can schedule a phone consult so that we can trouble shoot the process.

17.   Get creative.  If you can come up with variations on these exercises that she enjoys that will be great.

***C/T is click and treat

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