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Title: "Review of AVSAB Puppy Socialization Statement" February 7th, 2009
Post by: Debby on January 25, 2009, 01:36:36 AM
Traci Shreyer and I invite you to join us for a light continental breakfast, along with a "Behavior Protocols" meeting, the first Saturday of each month in the Veterinary Hospital Auditorium.

The February 7, 2009 meeting will review the AVSAB Position Paper on Puppy Socialization (  We will review and discuss a puppy training DVD that is commonly given to new puppy owners, in light of the AVSAB statement.  This exercise will allow us to practice applying the written AVSAB information to common training recommendations in order to decide what does and what does not follow the AVSAB protocol.

The monthly behavior meetings are open to ALL Veterinary Students.  Our goal is to provide scientifically based behavior information that will be useful to you and your future clients.  We hope the meetings can serve as a place to share and disseminate behavioral data and methods.  We want to encourage and serve as a resource for positive networking in the area.  (For those who do not have an OSU Parking Pass, please purchase a $5.00 pass at the front desk of the Veterinary Hospital.)

Whether you are new to behavior, or experienced in Applied Animal Behavior, know that you are welcome to join us Saturday, February 7, 2009 from 10:00am-noon, in the Veterinary Hospital Auditorium.


Debby and Traci